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Image photo with the RENEGADE GTX MID, Image Shooting Gardasee

Hiking adventure

When the stress of everyday life begins to gain the upper hand, it’s time to shift gears and head out into nature. Out into the fresh air, really work up a sweat, clear your mind and forget your everyday cares. Don’t lose any time and start planning your next hike right now! | More …

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Kids’ corner

Our chil­dren’s corner will provide you will all sorts of inter­esting information about the siblings LO & WA and their friend, the peregrine falcon LOWINGO. See for yourself, discover where the friends love to hang out and hear about all of their adventures! | More …


Corporate Respons­ibility

You will find few industries that are linked so closely to nature as the outdoor industry. This is why corporate respons­ibility (CR) and sustain­ability have become increasingly important in recent years and have also been incor­porated into LOWA’s company philo­sophy… | More …

25 Years Renegade

LOWA launched the RENEGADE model in 1997. The company has sold more than 12 million pairs in the years since, a figure that makes it the best-selling outdoor shoe in Europe. For 25 years now, the cult shoe has provided outdoor lovers with unique exper­iences in the mountains. Time to celebrate its birthday!

Image photo with the MAURIA EVO GTX Ws, Trekking 2021

Pilgrim and long-distance hiking

More and more people are heading out on multi-day hiking adventures in the summer months. Whether it’s a summit hike in the mountains, a trip along a long-distance trail or multi-week pilgrim hike – indes­cribable adventure awaits you!

Image photo with the MADDOX GTX LO Ws,

Fast, faster, speed hiking!

If you are someone who likes to move through the mountains at a somewhat faster pace, you have probably given speed hiking a try before. We have worked with our collab­oration partner Top Trails to define the key features of speed hiking and identify the best tours.


Don’t feel like choosing?

In urban envir­onments, the boundaries between modern city life and a spon­taneous experience of nature are becoming increasingly blurred. Two worlds are merging into one: time for a new, hybrid generation of outdoor footwear that meets these precise requirements.

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